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Anthony Caro 

I am looking at Caro's work due to his use of bending/balancing work off the edge of the tables. These steel sculptures create painterly movements which implies the artists movements. He uses the tables as a challenge in themselves; they are part of the work, they are not just an object for the work to sit on. Caro always tried to ensure at least one part of the object was below the table top, intruding into the viewers space. Due to the table being a part of the work, the sculptures and table existed as a sculpture on the floor.


Table Piece CCLXVI (1975)


Table Piece LXXXVIII (The Deluge), (1969-70)


Table Piece XXVIII (1967)


Table Piece III, (1966|)


Clear Sight', (1989 - 1990)

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