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Neal Rock 

Rock hangs his pigmented silicon sculptures from walls, layering the silicon to make unique objects. These objects push the boundaries of painting and sculpture, making an abstract sculptured artwork. I am looking at creating similar shapes and patterns, as in the artwork Fenestra, in my my own art practice but with my own plaster creations.

He recognises himself as a painter but he contradicts that by using silicon as a form of paint. His artworks start off as styrofoam sculptures that have been sculpted with hot wire, using a glass bed to paint, with the silicon peeling off the glass to place on top of the styrofoam. He does not see his artworks as images or patterns; they are interchangeable. 


Herm #0314, Neal Rock (2014)


Herm #0714, Neal Rock (2014)


La Galerie Particuliére, Paris, installation view (2015)


Prosopon 1416/02, Neal Rock (2016)


'Herm Marker 2, Neal Rock (2015)

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