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Rachel Harrison

I have looked at how Harris introduces and includes plinths in her works. Glamour Wig uses abstract forms and readymade objects and her sliver glitz rock star wig sits on an aluminium ladder. The ladder is the plinth but also part of the work and it becomes this open body. On the other hand, Alexander the Great uses a floor plinth in a normal way, having the work sit on top. We could question whether the white of the plinth plays a part in the work. The flooring in the gallery is coloured stone, which may take away from the bright colours of the sculpture. In The Mixer, you can see that the plinth is missing a side. Harris has taken this side away, making it a part of the whole artwork and has added another plinth on top, one which she has spray painted. On reflection, Harris has made slight adjustments to her plinths to make them more than just a stand to hold the works. 


Valid Like Salad,Rachel Harrison (2012)


Winged Victory, Rachel Harrison (2017)


I'm No Monkey, Rachel Harrison (2005)


Brownie (Brownie), Rachel Harrison(2005)


Alexander the Great, Rachel Harrison (2007)


Greatest Hits. Rachel Harrison (2017)

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