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Post-medium Condition 


The Post-medium Condition is where there is nothing differentiating painting from Sculpture; the distinctness of either as separate mediums was over.

'A voyage on the North Sea': art in the age of the Post-medium Condition.
 Rosalind Krauss 

Krauss, Rosalind. 2000. "A voyage on the North Sea" : art in the age of the Post-medium Condition. London: Thames & Hudson.

Krauss defines Post-medium Condition through Marcel Broodthaer's art work as he creates a fake museum called “The Museum of Modern Art, Eagles Division”. The museum was filled with objects relating to eagles and he added text as an example of how media-specificity is sufficient for contemporary art. Krauss also discusses the end of art through another work by Broodthaer, a cover of studio International Journal of Modern Art as you can read the writing as Fine Art but also as fin arts - the end of art.

Krauss’s thoughts on Medium- Specificity change through her life as an art critic and Post-medium Condition took her back to her original thoughts on Medium- Specificity as the term is still relevant and useful when judging an art work whether it is successful or not. (Krauss.2000:249)


Broodthaers, M. Cover of Studio International Journal of Modern Art, Journal Cover (1974)

'If one is questioning the nature of painting, one cannot be questioning the nature of art. That’s because the word art is general and the word painting is specific" (Kosuth, J. Quoted by Rosalind Krauss 2000:10).

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